26-11-14 CST Behemoth

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26-11-14 Tires

CST Behemoth Features:

  • Aggressive tread pattern designed to conquer any trail in the woods or desert.
  • Radial tire construction that provides exceptional stability, lowers rolling resistance, and provides an added sense of confidence at high speeds.
  • 8-ply rated construction ensures durability and reliability no matter the terrain condition.
  • Deep, ridged shoulder lugs provide cornering traction, predictable sliding and extra sidewall protection.
Behemoth PLY Tread Depth Part #
25-8R-12 8 .71 MBE54990
25-10R-12 8 .71 MBE54700
26-9R-12 8 .75 MBE66630
26-11R-12 8 .75 MBE66730
26-9R-14 8 .75 MBE55500
26-11R-14 8 .75 MBE54680
27-9R-14 8 .75 MBE33800
27-11R-14 8 .75 MBE34050
28-10R-15 8 .75 MBE74150
30-10R-15 8 .75 MBE75000

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