Interco Black Mamba ATV Tires

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The Interco Black Mamba is available in 27, 30 and 32 inch tire sizes for 12 and 14 inch rims.
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Interco Black Mamba features 1-3/4" tread depth in 27-10-12 and 30-10-12. (Actual tread width is 12.5 inches). 30-10-12 weighs 66 lbs. and 27-10-12 weighs 55 lbs.

A new dimension has been reached with the meanest atv tire yet developed for the high performance All Terrain vehicles. The monster that has changed the rules goes by the name of BLACK MAMBA. As tough and as mean as they come. Highly puncture resistant and built to the highest standards that can be put into an atv tire.

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SIZE PLY Tread Depth Weight Part #
27-10-12 6 1.75" 55lbs BM20
30-10-12 6 1.75" 66lbs BM22
30-10-14 6 1.75" 65lbs BM24
32.5-10-14 6 1.75" 70lbs BM26

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