High Lifter Tires

High Lifter Outlaw brand of tires for ATV & UTV is the LEADER in the industry for true mud riders. Highlifter atv tires include Outlaw, Outlaw 2 , Outlaw 3, Outlaw R2 & MST tires, Specially designed for Gumbo Mud, Sand and gravel Tracks.

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Outlaw 2 features a full tread wrap to the rim to increase traction in ruts and has a flatter profile for one smooth rid ...


Outlaw 3 is the perfect combination of an Ag tire and an Outlaw mud tire! ...


outlaw MST tires feature wraparound tread bars, and sipes as seen in tires designed for snow and ice or rock climbing! ...


smooth riding tire is ready for trails or to pull through even the deepest mud hole! ...


High Lifter Outlaw is the most well known brand of mud tires on the market. Designed to handle the deepest and thickest ...