25-10-12 ITP TerraCross XD

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All new XD (Extreme Duty) 6-ply radial construction and extra sidewall for improved puncture protection.

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25-10-12 Tires

  • Hugely successful ITP TerraCross R/T tire now features all-new XD (Extreme Duty) construction. Extra sidewall and tread rubber thickness for improved puncture protection.
  • The rubber compound itself is new, too, with an extended-wear formulation for much longer tread life. Combine the TerraCross R/T's proven performance with this new level of durability and reliability, and you won?t find a better ATV/UTV tire anywhere! The 14-inch sizes are UTV rated at an impressive 1000-pound maximum load capacity per tire at 12 psi, while all 12-inch sizes are now UTV rated as well.
  • Specially-designed 14-inch sizes make the ITP TerraCross XD Tire R/T the new standard in utility vehicle (Mule, Rhino) trail tires.
  • 6-ply construction provides unmatched durability.
  • Interlocking tread pattern and wide footprint result in exceptional traction and flotation.
  • Ideal for mud, snow and sand.
  • Radial construction offers a much smoother ride and greater overall control, enhancing operator confidence.
  • Surprisingly light in weight; you won't find a lighter 14-inch tire/wheel combo anywhere.
  • The wrap-around shoulder lugs offer excellent sidewall protection and traction when navigating rutted trails.
  • Utility Vehicle Front: 26/9R14; Rear: 26/11R14 (6 ply).
  • ATV Front: 25/8R12, 26/8R14; Rear: 25/10R12, 26/11R14 (6 ply).

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SIZE PLY Tread Depth Weight Part #
25-8-12 6 .75" 20.4lbs 560423
25-10-12 6 .75" 25.8lbs 560424
26-9-12 6 .75" 23.9lbs 560475
26-11-12 6 .75" 29.2lbs 560476
26-8-14 6 .75" 19.3lbs 560420
26-9-14 6 .75" 23.7lbs 560411
26-11-14 6 .75" 31.8lbs 560412

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