25-12-9 Tires


25 inch Tall, 12 inch Wide, For 9 inch Rims



GBC Dirt Devil is original directional tread design provied exceptional traction in dirt,gravel,hard pack,and light mud ...

Aqua Torque on Argo

Increases traction and stability on land as well as the speed of Argo type vehicles in the water. ...


Interco Swamp Lite ATV tire is 6-ply rating. Built in rim guard. Unique multi-stepped tread design. V shaped aggressive ...


Mudlite comes in 3 different lug depths: (AT) All-Terrain Purposes - 3/4 inch. (XL) Extra Deep Lug - 1-1/8 inch. ( ...


Lightweight, easy rolling tread Ideal choice for riders seeking knobby performance at a low price. ...